Report from the Immersive Scholar Cohort Workshop

Submitted by mrnutt on Thu, 12/21/2017 - 10:55

The cohort waves to kick off the meeting


The heart of the Immersive Scholar program is our effort to grow a community of practice for those working with immersive technology in learning spaces. So we were thrilled earlier this month when our cohort of institutional partners flew into Raleigh for the Immersive Scholar Cohort Workshop to formally kick off our grant activities. We met for two jam-packed days December 4-5 at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library. We had fifteen representatives from our five universities join the Immersive Scholar staff and some of our other NCSU Libraries colleagues who pitched in to help guide discussions. We also had five of our advisory panel members join us for an advisory panel panel (naturally). In all, 36 people helped make the Cohort Workshop a runaway success.


Discussion indications of quality in the Creativity Studio


For me, and I believe for others, it was incredibly encouraging to hear that the members of the cohort faced many of the same challenges but also had many of the same shared ambitions and goals. A key assumption of the grant is that a community of practice should exist; the Cohort Workshop validated that assumption. The feedback from our Workshop evaluation form was overwhelmingly positive.

Here is the Workshop program, which contains the meeting agenda and the cohort biographies. We had lots of good discussion, and collaboratively kept notes throughout the meeting. In the spirit of transparency and community-building to which our project is dedicated, we are making those (lightly edited) notes available here. We would love to hear your responses to anything that jumps out at you from those notes. Leave us a comment or tweet to us! You can also see us in action in this photo album. Were you there? Add your photos!

We're now working on finalizing the project roadmap that we charted during the Workshop, and will release that in the new year. Looking forward to lots of TECHNO-INNOV-A-MAGIC 2.0 in 2018!


Tom Cruise from Minority Report gesturing to make TECHNO-INNOV-A-MAGIC 2.0


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